Cloud Service to Securely Deploy, Monitor & Update your IoT Device Fleet

Unleash the power of secure and seamless IoT device management with our cloud service, enabling effortless deployment, monitoring, and updating of your IoT fleet

IoT Connect Features

Connect any IoT MCU/Linux Device

Easily connect and integrate a wide array of IoT devices from different manufacturers into our IoTConnect platform. Simplify device onboarding and streamline data communication for seamless integration and management of your diverse IoT ecosystem.

Debug Issues on Secure Remote Terminal

Efficiently troubleshoot and resolve issues with your IoT devices using our secure remote terminal. Gain remote access to device logs, execute commands, and diagnose problems in real-time. With enhanced security measures in place, you can confidently debug and fix issues without compromising the integrity of your IoT infrastructure.

One Click Deployment of Containers on Device

Streamline the deployment process of containerized applications on your IoT devices with our one-click deployment feature. Easily package and distribute your applications as containers, allowing for seamless installation and execution on compatible devices.

Secure Tunnel Ports from IoT Device

Protect your IoT device and network infrastructure with our secure tunneling feature. Safely expose and manage specific ports on your IoT devices, allowing for secure and controlled communication between your devices and the cloud or other network endpoints. Keep your IoT ecosystem secure from unauthorized access while maintaining seamless connectivity and efficient data transfer for your IoT applications.

Customized IoT Dashboards to visualize Data

Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions with our customizable IoT dashboards. Tailor the visual representation of your IoT data to your specific needs and preferences. Our user-friendly interface allows you to create personalized dashboards with real-time data visualization, interactive charts, and widgets.

On Prem Cloud Support

Experience the benefits of cloud computing with the flexibility and security of an on-premises solution. Our On-Prem Cloud Support allows you to deploy and manage your IoT infrastructure within your own private network. Enjoy the scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency of cloud services while maintaining full control over your data and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.