Edge Cam

Powered by AI, EdgeCam provides real-time object detection, tracking, and analysis, enabling proactive security monitoring and situational awareness. Enhance safety, optimize resource allocation, and revolutionize surveillance capabilities with our advanced EdgeCam camera solution.

Powerful Nvidia Jetson Platform

Harness the AI capabilities of EdgeCam, powered by the high-performance Nvidia Jetson platform, for advanced video analytics and real-time decision-making in diverse applications.

Superior Sony IMX Sensors

Capture stunning visuals with EdgeCam's camera modules equipped with Sony IMX290 or IMX477 sensors, delivering exceptional image quality and versatility for various monitoring needs.

Flexible Connectivity Options

Stay connected with EdgeCam's LAN, WiFi, and 4G/5G connectivity, ensuring seamless data transfer and remote access, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis from any location.

Ample Storage Capacity

Store and manage your captured data effortlessly with EdgeCam's 16 GB eMMC 5.1 storage, providing ample space to accommodate extensive surveillance footage and ensure efficient data management.

Optional Industrial-Grade Casing

Enhance durability and protection with EdgeCam's optional industrial-grade casing, ensuring resilience in challenging environments, making it ideal for industrial applications that demand robustness and reliability.